Message of The Director General

Message of The Director General

The People’s Republic of Bangladesh became independent in 1971 after a 9 month long liberation war with the spirit of nationalism, democracy, equality, justice, freedom of religion and human dignity. The architect of our liberation war, Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman envisioned that independent Bangladesh would be free from exploitation and oppression in every sector and justice would prevail through a strong and efficient judicial system. Our Founding Father’s vision was reflected in the Constitution of Bangladesh which has a mandate for an independent judiciary and as members of the judiciary, judges can exercise the sovereign judicial power of the State. Therefore, in order to uphold and ensure justice under the rule of law and for a competent Judiciary, methodical training for the judges, prosecutors, court support staff and other relevant professionals is essential.

With the objective to enhance judicial performance and skills by imparting training systematically to judges of all tiers of the subordinate judiciary, the Judicial Administration Training Institute was established in 1995 as a statutory organization under the Judicial Administration Training Institute Act, 1995. On 1 March, 1997 the then and present Hon’ble Prime Minister of Bangladesh and daughter of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Sheikh Hasina graciously inaugurated the first ever training program held at JATI, then located at the Old High Court Building. Thus, the history of judicial training in Bangladesh has been unfolded in its new phase and since then JATI had started its momentous journey. Subsequently, JATI premises had been relocated to the present address.

Presently, JATI is the only organization of its kind that provides systematic legal training for relevant professionals within the justice system of the country.  The management and administration of the Institute is vested in the Management Board consisting of sixteen members and chaired by the Hon’ble Chief Justice of Bangladesh. The Hon’ble Minister of the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs is an Advisor to the Management Board.

The objective of JATI is to successfully develop efficient, competent and judicious legal minds who would serve the litigants of Bangladesh with utmost professionalism and integrity. The Institute aspires to create both judicial and administrative skills within the participants.

The Judicial Administration Training Institute Act authorizes the Institute to organize various training programs, seminars, national and international conferences, workshops and symposium etc for development of the judicial system in the country. The Act also enables the Institute to undertake research, investigation and publication activities, as well as to advise the Government in any matter relating to the judicial system and court management.

In accordance with the mandate, the Institute may impart training to the judges of the subordinate judiciary, public prosecutors and government pleaders, and relevant officers and staff of all Courts and Tribunals subordinate to the High Court Division of the Supreme Court. JATI conducts Foundation Training Courses for newly appointed judges in the subordinate judiciary, Refreshers Training Courses, Orientation Courses, Short Courses and other relevant and specialized courses for enhancement of legal and administrative skills. The Institute also publishes a yearly research journal on contemporary judicial issues both on theoretical and practical aspects, interpretations of law and their applications, and other legal matters which the editorial committee deem relevant.

Committed to provide the finest judicial education and training, the Institute invites the most renowned and notable Resource Persons within the legal community including the Hon’ble Chief Justice of Bangladesh, Hon’ble Minister of the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Hon’ble Judges of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, Senior officials from the judicial service and other related  services, experts in forensic medicine, prominent historians of our glorious liberation war, and many more esteemed local and international experts in relevant matters.  

Since the commencement of its academic programs in 1997, JATI has organized more than 300 short and long term training programs for judicial officers, public prosecutors and government pleaders, and court support staff of the subordinate judiciary. Till now, over 10,000 participants of different target groups have participated in various training programs organized by the Institute. The Institute has also arranged many specialized training programs in collaboration with renowned international organizations. It is noteworthy that from July, 2020, the Institute has successfully launched training programs held through online and distance learning process and has been continuing to do so.  Thus, JATI has been working relentlessly to contribute to the progress and advancement of the judicial system of the country by effectively fulfilling its mandate.

Judicial training to augment the judicial system is always progressing forward. Judicial education is evolving and adapting with the constant development of technology. From this understanding, the Institute has been motivated to develop its website. This website aims to disseminate up-to-date information regarding the training programs and research activities of the Institute. It is also going to improve e-registration and other electronic service facilities of the Institute. As the Institute is also providing training courses held through online and distance learning process, this website shall serve the purpose of a virtual platform for both online and residential training programs of the Institute.

It is my expectation that the participants of the training programs and other stakeholders will be benefitted from this website. I appreciate the effort of the concerned officials involved in developing this website and I hope it will be regularly updated and all the necessary information and services will be available through this virtual platform. The Judicial Administration Training Institute is committed to continuous development of the judicial system of the country and I believe this website will be an effective addition to such commitment.

Justice Khondker Musa Khaled

Director General

Judicial Administration Training Institute


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